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Bladder cancer is the fifth most common neoplasm and the twelfth leading cause of cancer death. Males are affected three times more frequently than women.

Numerous chemicals are suspected bladder cancer forming agents, however, only cigarette smoking and occupational exposure to a certain class of organic chemicals called aromatic amines are well-established risk factors.

At diagnosis about 75% of patients have superficial bladder cancer and 25% have invasive or metastatic disease. Although superficial bladder tumors tend to recur frequently, most of recurrent tumors stay in the superficial areas. However, 5-30% of superficial tumors progress to invasive disease. Invasive tumors have a higher risk to metastasize. For untreated metastatic disease, the 2-year survival rate is less than 5%.

There are many treatment options for bladder cancer patients, some have long been in use, some are still considered experimental. Each case is unique, and there are many factors to consider before deciding which approach is best for the individual. But unfortunately a cure has remained elusive for many people. Since none of the approaches is offering a guarantee of cure.
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Without the participation of herbal medicine, a treatment can rarely be said a complete one. Since herb is always a good assistant to conventional treatments. It can magnify the cancer cells' sensibility to chemotherapy & radiation and reduce the side effects of them. It can kill tumor cells and decrease the size and thus make surgery more operatible. And it can kill the lurking cancer cells after the treatments and thus greatly lower the chance of recurrence. Even when the disease comes to a terminal stage when the conventional treatments can not be applied, there is still a hope to get a much longer and better life merely with the herbal medicines we recommended here, ZoonCan, and additional A-L Tonic Capsules for those who are under chemotherapy or radiation.

Permission No.Z31020488
Main IngredientsHerba Sarcandrae, also called Sarcandra glaber (Thunb) Nakai
Main function1. Kill the cancer cells and inhibit the growth of tumor
2. Anti-bacteria
3. Boost immune system
4. Reduce fatigue & prolong life
Therapeutic Range1. Bladder cancer, colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer etc.
2. Bladder cancer includes superficial bladder cancer, invasive bladder cancer, metastatic bladder cancer etc.
Administration & DosageTo heal, take orally, 3 tab*3 times/day, 40days/course, total 3 courses needed in general.
To prevent recurrence, 2 tab*3 times/day, be used in a long term.
Adverse Reactions1. No side effect, no harm to liver, kidney or gastrointestinal, circulatory system.
2. No toxicity. LD50 not detectable.
Stands on TCM TheoryThree parts of Herba Srcandrae have the function of inhibiting tumor:
1. Organic Acid inhibits the tumor S180 41.2-49.4%, W256 30-35%
2. Volatile Oil A&C, 32-43%
3. Total Progesterone, S180 40.3-42.6%, W256 65.3%
Clinical Results1. 373 cases of different kinds of cancers used ZoonCan sonly, 53.9% total effective.
2. To 113 cases of cancer, 22.1% patent effective, 59.1% total effective.
3. 30 cases of bladder cancer applied it alone, 27.0% patent, 71.0% total effective.
PriceRMB1700/course (360 tablets for 40days), US$258Buy now!

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