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  1. Who we are?
  2. Can the medicine cure my cancer?
  3. Can the medicine be applied along with orthodox treatments?
  4. Are the drugs safe? Is there any side effect?
  5. Can I get the products in USA, Canada or any other country?
  6. Can the products be returned?
  7. Why the products seem expensive?
  8. What's the payment method?
  9. Is my personal information safe?
  1. About us
    4uherb.com is runned by Foyo Herb, a renowned cooperation dedicated in promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for treatment of cancers. Located in China, with the vast experience and great reputation we have got in domestic market, we are eagering to enter the whole world and bring the light of TCM to all those who are suffering from this life threatening disease.

  2. Can the medicines cure cancer?
    For most types of cancers, the answer is "no". Though there is cure in some cases, the rate is still very low. In fact, there is no cure at present. We do not claim our products as medicine to cure. They are to treat, to control cancer, to improve life quality and extend the life expectancy.

  3. Can the medicine be applied along with orthodox treatments?
    Yes, they can. And you are encouraged to do so. Our products, in combination with surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, recieved better results than when they are applied alone.
    To be taken before surgery, they can shrink the tumor, making it more resectable and improve general condition, enpowering the body to stand the surgery.
    To be taken after surgery, they can kill the remaining cancer cells and thus prevent it from recurrence.
    To be taken along with radiation or chemotherapy, They can increase the sensitivity of cancer cells to radiation or chemotherapy and act synergicly to inhibit tumor. Further, A-L Tonic Capsules is especially set for the side effects of chemo or radiation. It should be used during the chemo or radiation treatment.

  4. Are the drugs safe? Is there any side effect?
    Made up of all nature herbs, most of them have no toxicity and no side effects. But if there is any slight adverse reactions, you will find it in an apparent position in the introduction both on website and on the introduction leaf which accompanies the medicine

  5. Can I get the products in USA, Canadia or any other country?
    No. We don't have any branch, representatives, or distributors outside of China. You have to buy directly from us.
    Any order from other places is out of our quality guarantee

  6. Can the products be returned?
    If you are not satisfied with our products for any reason, you can return it to us for full refunds within 100 days. Please be advised that only intact kits should be returned. 8% of tax and the shipping cost is not refundable.
    The medicine should be returned to:

    Yongbao Zhong
    Customer Service
    10-1-403, F-1
    HuiLongGuan Culture
    ChangPing District
    Beijing, 102208, China

    If you used credit card in making the payment, the refunds will be returned directly to the orginal card at the cost of 3.5% for bank service. Other payment is also available under your request in case that you accept to burdern the cost.

  7. Why the products seem expensive?
    In considering that Chinese medicine always works slowly and soundly and that international air transportation costs a lot, we set the unit for a large dosage, gernerally for at least one month supply. The price is for such a unit, not for a kit or a bottle that is ordinary thought to be.

  8. What's the payment method?
    To buy our products, you must place an order at http://www.4uherb.com/ order.htm and get an order No, first. Than click PayPal if you want to pay by credit card online. You may also choose one of the following ways to pay:

    A. Western Union.(easy & real-time)
    Worldwide: find a local agent to begin
    USA only: send money online with credit card.
    Receiver: First name: Yongbao, Last name: Zhong
    City: Beijing, Country: China

    B. T/T Bank Transfer
    Account name: Zhong Yongbao
    Account number: 4340301-0188-016184-8
    Bank Name: Bank of China, Beijing, HuiLongGuan sub-branch
    Swift code: BKCHCNBJ110
    City: Beijing
    Country: P.R.China 31

    Notice: When choose to pay by method A or B, Please send the details of the transaction and the Order No. it related to
    email: order@4uherb.com

  1. Is my personal information safe?
    Under our privacy policy, we are not allowed to disclose your information to any third party nor we will sent you any email that is not related to your health problem.