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Influence of A-L Tonic Capsule on Experimental Hepatocarcinogenesis and Development in Rats (Abstract)

Guan Yang, et al., Dept of Ultrastructral Pathology, Tongji Medical College


To observe the influence of A-L Tonic Capsules on experimental hepatocarcinogenesis and development induced by diethylnitrosamine (DENA) in rates.


The experimental rats were divided into 4 groups. Exception of Group D in which the rats were only administered with DENA, the rats in A, B, C group were administered with DENA and A-L Tonic Capsules (Group A, the rates were previously fed with A-L Tonic for 8 weeks and then added DENA; Group B, DENA and A-L Tonic were simultaneously administered; Group C, the rats were administered by DENA for 7 weeks and then added A-L Tonic) The liver of all rats was examined using gross, light, and electron microscopic methods after 20 weeks administered with DENA.


All rats in Group D formed hepatocellular carcinoma. There was difference in tumor formation among A, B, C groups. Liver tissue toxic injury induced by carcinogen in Group A was milder than those in other experimental groups. A few rates in Group A formed hepatocellular carcinoma and most of them only showed cell proliferation nodules in liver due to the stimulation of DENA while all rats in other experimental groups formed hepatocellular carcinoma and even metastasis happened.


A-L Tonic Capsules can effectively prevent or postpone hepatocarcinogenesis in rats.