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Case #26. I've never felt better.
Case #25.
They found the tumor markers have been controlled

Case #24.
My oncologist was pleased my cancer had stabilized

Case #23.
I am still able to enjoy my life with my children and ...

Case #22.
There was no more tumor
Case #
Hector is living a normal life

Case #20. all the lab functions are getting better
Case #
Her overall condition has markedly improved

Case #18. They also suggested ZoonCan to other patients
Case #
He has benifited a lot from this medicine
Case #16. all of my tumouor had shrunk significantly
Case #
15. I see tremendous improvement
Case #
14. he is feeling much better than before
Case #
13. is now very much improved indeed.
Case #12. Gradually she started to regain those faculties...
Case #11. The tumor has been stablized with no new growth and...
Case #10.
She is full of optimise
Case #9.
His latest PSA test show ed a level of 0.91 !
Case #8. I have more engery and feel better than I have for a long time.
Case #7.
I found that the medicine clearly speeded my recovery
Case #6.
So many people had told me how horrible the Chemo Therapy was
Case #5.
It is very encouraging to know her condition is stabilizing now.
Case #4.
My side effects from Chemo has been minimal
Case #3.
they told my dad that everything was clear
Case #2
I have never had any side effect -aside from my improved well-being....
Case #1.
He is still alive and living better...
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Case #26 John Marquez, 70y, Bile Duct Cancer

3 months ago I was told I had Bile Duct cancer. I needed 5 weeks of radiation and chemo everyday, with the stories I would hear, my hair falling off,vomiting I felt for another year is it worth it? My daughter got online and found 4uherb. I felt like anything would help. Let me tell you. I haven't been sick, no diarreah, no vomiting. My blood cells are a little low, but no concerns from the doctor. I have my last treatment on Monday. Then within a month or so I'll find out if the tumor has shrunk. I've never felt better. Anyone, please do try these, it's worth every cent you spend.I'm driving,shopping, taking care of my wife. Even if I only have one year of life, these herbs have given me a quailty of life that I never thought I would have with these treatments.I'm not saying you won't feel any affects from the radiation and chemo, but compare to how I've would of been, it's worth it.The doctors were amazed, they said I've should of been vomiting, blisters in my mounth and diarreah.They can't believe how well I've been doing. It's all due to the herbs. Again, thank you


Case #25 F.Taherkhani, 32y, Bone Cancer

F.Taherkhani 32 years old BONE CANCER She has been encountered breast cancer grade II/III five years ago ,after that last year the problem came back with multi bone metastasis . We did all classical treatment , but unfortunately four month ago , she had pottology fracture on her right arm , again we did surgery and radiotherapy , no body even doctors were hopeful .At this time I found your site and did the counsel . By your advise she has taken CANELIM CAPSULES, now it is the end of second course ,we did a test , they found the tumor markers have been controlled , she feels well now the pain of her bones reduced so much, she can walk. By taking canelim capsules the side effect of the radiotherapy such as nausea,vertigo was minimum and her appetite was considerable. I suggest to whom having such my wife difficulty to contact with WWW.4UHERB.COM


Case #24 Marion Lim, 78y, Secondary Bone Cancer

Secondary bone cancer from breast. So painful I could hardly walk, or even stomach food. Orderd canelim capsules. My nausea has subsided, and my last appointment, my oncologist was pleased my cancer had stabilized. I am walking without a cane, and can manage my own life again. Thanks to canelim.


Case #23 Thomas Zemel, 70y, Gliobalstoma Multiforme

In early 2004 I was diagnosed with an aggressive type pf brain cancer called Gliobalstoma Multiforme. My doctors told me to expect severe headaches during the few weeks that they said I had left. I refused surgery and began taking Canelim Capsules right away. It has been nearly six months since my diagnosis and I am still able to enjoy my life with my children and grandchildren. Thank you FOYO for the canelim Capsules!


Case #22 Maria Jose carneiro Kahwage, 64y, Stomach Cancer

My name is Joso Kahwage the sun of the patient, I am a physician specialized in gastroenterology, my mather had a gastric cancer, linitis plastica with a ring sinet histologic type that was opereted 5 yers ago. Aproximately 6 months it metastasied to ovarians (krukenberg'tumor) another operation was performed that was fallowed by quemoterapy with docetaxel+cisplatina associated with Zoon can there was little side efects with quimo and in the contol biopsy after the treatment there was no more tumor; I really dont now if it was Zoon can that "killed"the tumor I hope so.


Case #21 Hector Almarza, 45y, Brain Tumor

In September Hector went through a very scary surgery in his brain and was detected one of the most malignant tumour. Glioblastoma multiforme mixto (in Spanish). The doctors said he would live for about two months. Nowadays, Hector has gone through 4 chemotherapies. He has been also taking Canelim Capsules and AL-Tonic since December with the first chemotherapy, until today. Both natural capsules have made him strong to tolerate the chemotherapies without any collateral problem. Hector is living a normal life, driving his truck, going out with his girlfriend (he found her after the surgery) and being happy to be alive. The doctors are surprised to see his progress and they have stopped saying¡°deadlines¡± for his life. My mother and I are sure that the natural herbs have been an important factor in the quality of his life.


Case #20 A Okasha, 60y, Advanced Liver Cancer

After a consultation from Gostav Russe Cancer institute in Paris they said he is not a candidate for any radio or chemotherapy, searching the net we found about the Canelimcapsules we deceided to try it . After seeing a rapid deterioration of the Lab function , starting then the Canelim capsules 6 tabx3 daily we finished 2 courses and now ordering another 2 , all the lab functions are getting better and he is regaining his strength , the abdominal US showed stabilization of the tumers sizes and enen there are 2 masses that shrunken we will be doing a CT scan after the 3 course and we will share that with you with the help of god Canelim cap is the only medication he is recieving sinse we discovered the tumer. N. okasha /Cardiologist, his daughter.


Case #19 Irmgard Herzberg, 84y, Ovarian Cancer

My mother, 84, had been diagnosed with end-stage ovarian cancer together with malignant ascites. Her tumormarker (CA 125) at diagnosis of the disease was about 400. She received a first cycle of chemo-therapy (Ovastat or Treosulfan) which she didn¡¯t accept well. Instead of continuing a second cycle of chemo, we administered Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), as a monotherapy. About six weeks ago she started to take the regular dose of Canelim (6 capsules , 3 times a day, for 33 days), together with 6 capsules of AL Tonic , twice a a day for 3o days. We already see the effect. Her overall condition has markedly improved, her tumormarker is down to the two digits (below 100), and the blood parameters (leucocytes, thrombocytes,etc.) are in or close to the normal range, though she has not been ascites free as of this writing. Sincerely, Dr.Hans- Werner. Gottinger Ingolstadt, Germany


Case #18 Lucien Martini, 62y, Carcinoma Ventriculus

The patient was undergone a surgery in January and the doctors gave very few hope and according to the patient has 1 more month to live. Because according to them the metastasys were spread and the cancer was aggressive in its components. But when I looked at your advertisment in internet and testimonials, at least i thought to try iy once with the first course. I order ZoonCan, at the end of the first course the patient felt a litle bit more relief from pains. the same thing went for the second course. she has no pain as preivoiulsy, and the oncologyst who is supervising Lucie says that this medicament has done progress for her. They also suggested ZoonCan to other patients suffering from caneroma ventriculus. In her second course, keeping in mind what the doctor had said, the metastazys are not spread in other parts of the organs. Thus they have don no progress. the status of metastazys according to the doctor, who did the scanner and x ray, is the same as the one after the surgery.. noww lucie is good, and thanks to zooncan she is relief from pains.


Case #17 Manish Kumar Bhadani, 33y, Rectal Cancer

Before starting the zooncan, patient was having severe pain in the rectum & bleeding per rectun everyday. He started this medicine on 16th of Jan. 2004 & his second dose of medicine is going to be over in the next week. He has benifited a lot from this medicine, his pain has subsided & his bleeding has reduced considerably. His immunity has also increased & has started moving out. I am very happy with the performance of Zooncan & would like to continue till the patient gets rid of his tumour.


Case #16 Mandy Sergent, 38y, Lung Cancer

In October 2003, I was diagnosed with lots of small tumors on my lungs. The doctors said there was nothing that they could do,even though they were small. There were too many to operate. And they told me to go home until I was having difficulty breathing. Then come back and they would give me chemotherapy to relieve the symptoms for a while. But thats all they could do for me. I found your site on the internet and thought I had nothing to lose and a lot to gain. So I ordered my first lot of cainlim capsules. 2 months later I feel the healthiest I have been in years, and I had a ct scan done yesterday. And the doctor was amazed. As all of my
tumouor had shrunk significantly
, and most have shrunk that much that they cant find where they were at all. So thank you from myself and my family for giving me back my life.I will continue to use canelim and will recommened you to all who need help.


Case #15 Abdul Ahmed, 41y, Thyroid Cancer

Ultrasound done to my neck show a large nodule mass seen arising on the upper pole of the right thyroid lobe with extension. The mass measures about 6x4x3.6 cm. The FNA of the thyroid nodule diagnosis of papillary carcinoma. .After two (2) month of using ZoonCan the nodule mass is shrinking; my general health is much-much better than before I see tremendous improvement. So far I am sure that I have benefited from the Zoon-Can I will continue using ZoonCan complete course. I will update you with the status. Thank you Foyo Herb


Case #14 Mustafa Mohammed Abdel Ghadir, 53y, Colon and Liver Cancer

The patient is the brother of my boss. Generally speaking he is feeling much better than before. The results of the tests done at the Cromwell Hospital in UK and the blood tests shows that there is a remarkable decrease in the cancer cells after taking ZoonCan capsules. I'm sure
ZoonCan was a good aid to the normal treatment he is undergoing at the hospital.


Case #13 Ralph Marchant, 68y, Stomach Cancer

I have been undergoing Chemotherapy for the past two months and am taking Zoon-Can and A-L Tonic as prescribed. They seem very beneficial, especially after removal of my stomach in a previous operation. My navel, which was inflamed where the cancer had spread and was diagnosed via biopsy, is now very much improved indeed. I have a very good appetite and have not been sick at all, even though my doctor told me I would be. I am sure that I have benefitted from the Zoon-Can and A-L Tonic they seem to have helped me considerably. Thank you very much.


Case #12 Sabina Ginty, 75y, Glioblastoma Multiforme

My mother-in-law was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme in August 2003. After a biopsy at the Beaumanot Hospital in Dublin it was discovered that the Tumor covered all of the left hand side of the brain. Due to the severity of the Tumor and her age (she is 75) we were told that there was nothing that could be done and to take her home, she was given 6 -12 weeks. During that period we were told that she would deteriorate rapidly.

After a frantic search on the Internet for something that could alliviate her situation we came across your Canelim tablets, having nothing to lose in trying alternative medication we sent
off for the 1st course of your Canelim tablets. The first two weeks we could see that that she was deteriorating in the speach, movement and concentration, gradually she started to regain those faculties, although not completely. As the 12 weeks have passed and she is still with us we will be carrying on with the treatment hoping for a constant upward improvement.

Regards Vito Belmonte


Case #11 anessa Conzelman , 29y, Glioblastoma Multiforme

My Wife Vanessa was diagnosed with recurrent Glioblastoma Multiforme, grade IV brain cancer in March of 2003. She underwent brain surgery in late March, and her doctor was able to fully resect the tumor. Following the surgery she also had radiation, and begun chemotherapy.

Unfortaunetly,the tumor came back and was growing quickly. In addition, the chemotherapy was completely wiping her out.

While on the internet researching alternative treatments I came across 4uherb. I was happy and suprised to find not only the Canelim Capsules to fight the tumor, but the A-L Tonic Capsules to help fight against the devestaing effects of the chemotherapy. My wife has been taking both products since mid July, and I am happy to report she is doing very well. The tumor has been stablized with no new growth, and she has tolerated the ongoing chemotherapy with very little side effects.



Case #10 Barbara Siljkovic , 64y, Nasopharyngeal Cancer

In the June of 2003. on the MR doctor diagnosed my mother nasopharyngeal carcinoma poorly differential (type: Regaut). She had had strong headaches and problems with her eyes (she saw double). She spent one month in the hospital and the doctors treated her with radiotherapy. But, they didn t belive that she would recover. She was also very thin (only 36 kg). While she was still in the hospital I started giving Canelim Capsules and A - L capsules.After two month, she looks much better, now she has not any headaches anymore.She is getting her energy beck (she goes to walk every day for one hour), her apetite is better (she has 3 kg more). Her blood picture is more, the hormons of thiroides is also normal. She is full of optimise. We are now waiting for chemotherapy. I will keep informing you.
Kinds regard
her doughter Zeljka Siljkovic


Case #9 James Gordon Else, 74y, Prostate Cancer

The patient is my dad who, when diagnosed with prosate cancer, had a PSA of 60. He was prescribed Zoladex injections by his doctor and is now on his third course of Canelim capsules. His latest PSA test showed a level of 0.91! We are convinced that the Canelim capsules have helped to achieve this excellent result. He is going to continue with the Canelim with the hope of continued success. Thank you to FoyoHerb for the excellent service. Kind regards Korin Christensen-Cox


Case #8 Ray Selby, 57y, Colon Cancer

Before Zooncan I was bleeding with ever bowl movement 3-4 times a day for 6 months.After using 2 bottles of zooncan bleeding has stopped. I have had no bleeding for the past 2 weeks.I have more engery and feel better than I have for a long time.


Case #7 Wan W. Jiang, 45y, liver cancer

I had an upper right abdominal pain and after a CT exam on May 06, 2003, it was found that I had a liver cancer of a size of 9x11 cm. During the waiting period before surgery, I found Foyo Herb in the web and decided to take the Canelim Capsules for a try. On May 29, I underwent a surgery to remove the tumor and, thank God, it was removed successfully. However, after the surgery, I felt week, pain on the surgery wound, and disconfort due to the abdominal fluid. I took Canelim soon after, and I found that the medicine clearly speeded my recovery. I felt much reduced pain and improved appetite, so I could better rested and sleep. I was gaining strength everyday, the abnormal abdominal fluid disappeared in about a month. Now I have recovered mostly to my previous condition and could exercise hours every day and back to work. I would like to continue using Canelim to maintain my health and prevent the cancer recurrence.


Case #6 Elizabeth Brumfield, 51y, breast cancer

Hello, In early February 2003, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Several weeks later I underwent a Lumpectomy procedure which removed a tumor of slightly less than 2 cm in size. Marginal tissue and sattelite lymph node material all showed clean so the prognosis was very favorable that all of the cancer had been removed. Several weeks later I began receiving Chemo Therapy (scheduled to be 4 sessions 3 weeks apart) to be followed by 33 radiation treatments.

My husband and I decided to purchase TCM products of Canelim Capsules and A-L Tonic Capsules for me to take while undergoing the therapies. I received the first course during the week following my first Chemo Therapy session. I was able to take the entire course without any uncomfortable side effects. The products were wonderful. So many people had told me how horrible the Chemo Therapy was going to make me feel - but none of those things happened. I was very comfortable through those first eight weeks of treatment. (Please note: I did lose all of my hair.) I didn't order my second course of TCM. The lack of adverse side effects from the Chemo lulled me into thinking I could go without the TCM.

Oh, how wrong I was. Within 2 weeks of my ceasing the TCM courses, I began suffering horrible dehydration, sweating, nausea, anxiety and strong pain throughout my stomach and lower intestinal tract. I became extremely ill. In just a couple of weeks, I lost nearly 20 pounds and was almost hospitalized. My husband immediately ordered the second course of Canelim and A-L Tonic. As soon as I returned to taking the two TCM products from 4uherb company, I began recovering. I've now completed the Chemo Therapy and have been through 15 Radiation sessions. My weight is rapdily coming back, I suffer very little discomfort and I am working almost fulltime at my job and taking care of my home. It wouldn't be that way without the TCM herbal products. Thank you so very much for preparing the wonderful products and making them available.

Regards, ElizabethBrumfield


Case #5 Shun Yi Liang, female, 59y, bile duct cancer

My mother is taking Canelim Capsules 6 caplets 3 times daily and have taken it for less than 2 months and we see tremendous improvement. She has metastatic bile duct cancer and had 1/3 of her liver removed last year.

Unfortunately it recurred 6 months later and the oncologist told us that she would have only few months to live and if being optimistic maybe extending to a year. After taking the capsules with combination of Asiandiet and regular exercise, she has gained back the 3 pounds she lost, her appetite/complexion has improved, and her AST is back under 40. It is very encouraging to know her condition is stabilizing now.


Case #4 Don Wallen, male, 67y, esophageal cancer

I am taking A-L tonic 6 caplets 2 times daily. and have taken since April regularly. My side effects from Chemo has been minimal and I am playing golf 2 to 3 times per week except for 4 or 5 days after Chemo. My cancer was in Lymph Nodes , lungs, and 2 tumors in esophagas over 2mm in length. My tumors are shrinking now over 40% after 4 chemos. I just had a PET scan and nothing showed up in lungs or lymph nodes. Will have another CT scan in 2 weeks. My energy level is good and I quit losing weight . I have not been sick. Thanks to herbs A-L and Asian type diet.


Case #3. Alois Skof, male, 73y, brain tumor gioblastoma

My father was diagnosed with brain tumor back in September of 2002, he had succesfully undergone brain surgery, twice since then, the doctors did not give him a good prognosis, so I did some home work and found these canelim pills from Foyo Herbs, I immediately ordered some for my father who lives in Australia, he has been on them for 2 months, and is currently undergoing chemo. The other day he had to go for an MRI, and his doctor was very pleased with the outcome, they told my dad that everything was clear and that they were very happy with the results. I am buying some more canelim pills for my dad, so he can continue on a maintenance programe as suggested, what more good news could a person wish to hear, especially when the doctors gave my dad only months to live, and he is thankfully still around. Thank you Foyo Herb
Milena Logan (daughter)


Case #2. Don Kwan, male, 68y, prostate cancer

2/1/2003 I was disgnosed with prostate cancer toward the end of 2/02 (PSA 5.5+/-; Stage 2; Gleason score: 4+4).Initially, I received acupuncture therapy, which had, until 9/02, stopped the tumor from growing. I lost 10 pounds between 2/02 and 7/02 but gained back 4-5 pounds by 9/02. Betwwen 9/02 and 11/02 my weight remained unchanged.

In 11/02, I started taking Canelim and began to pick up weight within 2 weeks. When I had a physical on 1/28/02, upon giving me a digital rectal examination,the Doctor no longer found my 1-cm nodule, which was still there when my urologist did the digital exam in 9/02. What this dooctor found was that the prostate was still hard. I am impressed not only by the encouraing results their product has brought about but especially by their professional ethics. I have never encountered an on-line manufacturer or dealer that tells their customer to stop using their product after 2 months if it doesn't work, but the doctor I have been communicating with told me from the very start to have the tumor removed surgically if it does not shrink in 2 months. Also impressive is their after-sale service. Whenever I have any queries not only about their product but also about my disease, they would enlighten me promptly and professionally. Since the end of 11/02, I have been taking Canelim 3 times a day, 6 capsules each time.
I have never had any side effect -aside from my improved well-being
:) Respectfully submitted, Don Kwan Rowland Heights, California


Case #1. Mr. Liu, male, 58y, lung cancer

Diagnosis: pulmonary cancer
X-ray: 4 ¡Á 3cm shadow in the upper-right lung.
Biopsy: advanced squamous cell carcinoma with low differentiation.
Treatment: radiotherapy in association with Canelim Capsules ( 6 capsules, 3 times daily).

After one course of the treatment, the patient stopped coughing blood. His body temperature became normal. And clinical symptoms completely remitted after the radiotherapy. X-ray re-examination showed that the phyma in the lung completely disappeared and the clavicular
lymphonodus vanished. The patient continues taking Canelim Capsules after being dismissed from hospital. He is still alive and living better.



The medicines we recommended have been used in China for many decades. And there are many testimonials from our domestic users. However, they are Chinese speakers. The testimonials in English are still very few now, since we have just started this international business recently right at the end of 2002. If you decide to apply these herbal medicines, we encourage you to share your experience with us and gain one course for free. We call this Testimonial Program. It will help a lot for new-comers to have a better understand on our products and also save your money.